The Korf Lab

Welcome to the home page of Ian Korf’s research group at UC Davis. Our lab uses computational methods to study problems in molecular biology. More specifically, we are interested in the mappings from structure to function. We are particularly interested in discerning biological signal from biological noise. Our favorite topics include alternative splicing, gene prediction, intron function, gene expression, sequence alignment, protein-DNA interactions, motif-finding, genome assembly, repeat analysis, and almost anything that mixes genotype, phenotype, evolution, and algorithms. We love developing new methods in emerging disciplines but also adore the classics.


Interested in joining the lab? Great, send me an email. I look for shared interests and passion more than a specific skill set. You don’t have to be a good programmer to join the lab (but you will have to become one).

KorfLab 2020

Clockwise from left: Hannah Lyman (vocals), Ian Korf (guitar), Keith Fraga (bass), Osman Sharifi (drums). No, we are not actually a band but if I want my lab to appear as if we have a shoegaze album, so be it.


You can find a mostly up-to-date list of lab publications at my NIH Bibliography page:



You can find some of our software and teaching materials at:

KorfLab GitHub

We have not yet moved all content to GitHub, but hope to one day. Some of our highly accessed products are listed below.



If you’re a former member of the lab and your name doesn’t appear on this list, sorry for the omission. Please send me an email. I always like hearing from former students.

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For some odd reason, Smaug (the dragon) used to be featured on our lab page. He’s gone now, but not forgotten.